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Our plan for 2018/2019:

Kindergarten Kids Academy likes to welcome you and inform you on our plan for the upcoming year. In our work with the kids we will focus on their special wishes and needs, but also on other interesting topics. Our plan for the year is an important tool for our teaching staff, because it illustrates our pedagogical work.

Tell me,
and I will forget it.
Show me,
and I will remember it.
Let me do it
and I will know it.

Topic of the year 2017/2018: Growing up with picture-books

When a child opens a picture-book, it opens a door to another world. Picture-books are using text and especially pictures to help the kids to get the story into the correct order. Even kids who are only two years old chose picture-books where the topic deals with separation, where the child always finds its way back into the mother’s arms in the end. Which shows that even for small kids, picture-books are a good way to tell the parents what they are thinking. A child’s favorite picture-book can become a companion throughout the entire childhood, just like a cuddly toy.
You can find more information on our topic of the year here.


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