NEW – open eating

One of our goals is that the child can find itself. To reach that goal we are trying a new approach this year:
Within a given period of time, each child can listen to its own body and eat whenever he or she wants. During birthday parties and other special occasions, we will eat altogether as a group, to make that experience more meaningful.


The dining table will be set and our kids can start eating. They will take the food and drinks by themselves. Whenever they are done eating, they tidy their place up and make it ready for another child to eat there. Kids that are already done eating, will place their symbol on a pre-defined spot so the educators know which children have already eaten.


There are far fewer waiting times.
This time can be used for smaller group activities or individual work. Kids that are playing specific games, do not have to stop playing and can eat whenever they are done.
Our kids learn to listen to their body.
They learn how to organize their meal and how to set a table properly.
Kids that eat earlier can have a longer quiet time.
The kids can choose when to eat and therefore can choose with whom they want to eat.