Mandatory kindergarten-year

The transition from kindergarten into school is a profound step. It is extremely stressful, both, for the parents but especially for the child as well. Our goal is the successful transition.
The role of a child changes into a schoolchild. This always means that there will be joy, curiosity, but also uncertainty and fear. Social relationships help to deal with these emotions. We try to make the kids think in a positive way about school, by introducing them to other schoolkids, school teachers and school itself.
We try to visit schools a few times during the last and mandatory kindergarten year. We know that the transition is a hard and lasting process, which takes the entire last kindergarten year and ends at some point during the first year in school.
School preparation for us means that we try to teach social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and motor skills.
Activities for the kids in the last and mandatory kindergarten year
  • Group-overlapping activities in our newly created „SCHOOL“
  • Visits to schools
  • Field trips (Theater, library,..)
  • Going-away party

„You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”
– Galileo Galilei