Topic of the year:

4 elements
This year, the goal of our team from the Kids Academy, is to explore the 4 elements. We want to introduce each of the four elements to our kids and we want them to experience the elements with all of their senses.
The elements are with us, every single day. Most of the time, we don’t even recognize them. So the main goal this year, is to notice them, be aware of them and recognize them. We want to offer an environment in which our kids can discover the elements and play with them and interact with them, in all kinds of ways. We will use the curiosity of our kids to explore different topics – sometimes it will happen in a very spontaneous way. Our groups will visit parks, playgrounds or the forest at least once a week, so that the kids can see and feel and experience the elements where they exist. And then, we will go into more detail inside of the individual groups – inside a prepared, child-friendly, environment.