Our pedagogical concept


The nursery school is a place of joy and liveliness, a place of development and respect, and a place of acceptance and tolerance.

The child is the main focus in our pedagogical work. We see children in their uniqueness with their individual wishes and needs, their urge to discover, and that is what we focus on in our daily work. The children will be challenged and will reach the necessary maturity for school. That’s why the main focus of our pedagogical work is the child-oriented development of topics and educational contents. We are certain that kids accomplish their basic needs for security, we-sentiment, I-strength and identity, freedom of choice and self-responsibility and creativity and learning by means of playing. (see Kindergartenpaedagogik, Martin R. Textor)


  • a Kindergarten / nursery school for kids between 0 and 6 years of age
  • Multi-lingual education
  • (german, english, spanish, …)
  • Pre-School work
  • and much more…